A great man once said, "We cannot be great externally if we are not great internally." Taking these particular words of wisdom to heart, the Professional committee has created an internal development program that will truly propel our Brotherhood to the next level. Our mission for this semester is simple:

"To create a well-balanced program that will professionally develop and enrich the Brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi"

We are currently pursuing a number of conventional and unconventional approaches to business today. As OCR is coming to an end, we will be catering to the Fraternity’s younger stakeholders this semester. Some of our more conventional events for the semester include interview preparation and resume workshops, industry presentations, as well as networking mixers. We will also be launching a mentorship program to help our members prepare for on campus recruiting.

Externally, we plan to engage not only our own Brothers but also members of the University of Pennsylvania at large with the events we will host. We look forward to holding a resume workshop that will help both the freshman and sophomore class prepare for recruitment. Additionally, we plan on collaborating with student organizations on campus to host joint events and panels to enrich our knowledge and diversify our interests.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to fully equip our Brothers with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in the workplace and beyond.



James Long
Professional Chair, Fall 2017